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Winter Effects on Lawns

Unless you were hibernating, you have noticed that Central Indiana has experienced a tough winter!  These conditions can have serious consequences for your lawn.  Even the best lawns may succumb to the ice and snow.

Damage from Ice

Ice can build up and smother your lawn.  Ice often forms when snow melts and the temperature drops and freezes before the water has a chance to absorb or dissipate.  A frozen lawn will suffocate.  Strong lawns can handle this in short periods.  If the ice persists for weeks, then even the healthiest lawn may freeze.  The best solution is to have a well-established healthy lawn before winter starts.  Before winter, be sure to apply a winterization application to harden the lawn.

Damage from Snow

Persistent snow will cover grass leaving pockets of moist air around the roots of your lawn.  These areas may develop a fungus named snow mold.  Grey snow mold is a white-to-grey webbing while pink snow mold is grey-to-pink webbing.  You’ll see these in patches around your lawn, especially in early spring as the weather starts to warm. You can prevent this by applying a fungicide in the late fall before the first snow.

What Can You Do Before Next Winter?

If you notice any symptoms from this winter on your lawn, call Deater Brothers to assess the damage and determine the best fix.  If you want to prevent this for the future, you can start building a better lawn this spring by scheduling a season long package.