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Hiring a Lawn Care Company – Save Time

This week, we will discuss the advantages of hiring a lawn care company.  Proper lawn maintenance can be a lot of work and trained professionals can help alleviate that work.  Only you can decide if the cost of service outweighs the advantages provided by a company specializing in lawn care.  Purdue University researchers have developed a guide for reasons to hire a lawn care company over performing maintenance yourself.

Save Time!

Time is money and how much is your time worth?  Some people genuinely enjoy working in their lawn and that is great!  For others, lawn care is just another chore.  After working everyday for a week, do you really want to go out and play with possibly dangerous chemicals, and risk ruining your lawn?  That is time you can spend with the kids or enjoying a book. And think about the time you’ll save not going to the store, talking with someone who knows not nearly enough about your lawn, trying to find what to use.  A professional lawn care provider knows exactly what fertilizers and pesticides are right for your lawn.  Did you know that over fertilizing can “burn” your lawn? A provider has properly calibrated equipment to apply these chemicals.  Think of the time and money you’d spend tilling and replanting your lawn because you put down the wrong pesticide or an incorrect amount of fertilizer.

Deater Brothers knows exactly how to take care of your lawn so you can enjoy your time off.  Call us today and schedule a package and buy yourself time!