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Hiring a Lawn Care Company – Mitigate Risks

This week, we will discuss the advantages of hiring a lawn care company.  Proper lawn maintenance can be a lot of work and trained professionals can help alleviate that work.  Only you can decide if the cost of service outweighs the advantages provided by a company specializing in lawn care.  Purdue University researchers have developed a guide for reasons to hire a lawn care company over performing maintenance yourself.

Mitigate Risk

There are many risks by the use and storage of fertilizers and pesticides.  These concentrated chemicals can be a danger to people as well as the environment.  Would you keep a live grenade where your child could find it?  Fertilizers and pesticides require proper storage.  By hiring a professional, you eliminate the need to store these at your home.  A professional lawn care company will keep these chemicals stored safely and securely.  A trustworthy lawn care provider will also ensure the application of these fertilizers and pesticides are done in a way to minimize the impact upon the environment.

Deater Brothers is your local, experiences, and trusted lawn care provider.  You can count on us to keep your lawn beautiful while keeping the environment healthy for all of us!  Call use today to see how we can help you.