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Time to Schedule Lawn Aeration

It is time to schedule your lawn aeration!

Core aeration is the process of removing cores of soil throughout the lawn. This relieves soil compaction which improves water absorption of the soil and also increases root growth which improves drought tolerance. Central Indiana soil consists primarily of clay which compacts easily. As a result, annual aeration is necessary for a healthy lawn.  Spike aeration is the process of poking holes into the ground and that only superficially helps as it does not remove soil compaction.  Core aeration is superior but requires special equipment.  Deater Brothers uses specialized equipment to quickly and effectively aerate your lawn.

Annual lawn aeration helps keep lawns in great shape!

However, here are other reasons you should especially aerate your lawn

You have heavy thatching left from mowing

Mowing your lawn, even if you have a mulching mower, leaves a layer of grass next to the soil.  If this layer becomes too thick, it can prevent water from seeping into the soil and reducing the amount of water your lawn can absorb.

You have a newly planted lawn

A young lawn has not had time build a solid root system.  Opening up the soil allows those roots to grow more freely.

Your lawn started from sod

If you started your lawn from sod then you likely have layers.  Just like with a new lawn, you need a way for the roots in the sod layer to grow down and take hold in the existing soil.

You have heavy traffic through your lawn

Kids, parties, sports, and many other activities can help compact the soil in your lawn.

Your lawn is spongy

This is another sign that you have a thatching problem.

You have a newly built home

New homes typically have the original top soil scraped away,  which leaves your lawn to grow on more compacted subsoil.

If any of these apply to you, or if you just want to have the best lawn possible, call us or contact us online and schedule your Lawn Aeration.

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